1st Place: $11540    2nd Place: $4940
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Note #1: Please send in your payment ASAP. The payment options and mailing address can be found on the rules page. Please send payment even though the games have started. You will be marked as paid when we receive payment and your name will no longer be struck out.

Note #2: Stats have been entered for the Super Bowl. These are official after 48 hours (9:30 PM on 2023.02.14). If you find a stat issue, email Crazy at .


Each manager picks a roster from the NFL teams making the playoffs (limit 3 entries per manager). Based on the scoring system below, the players score points each week of the playoffs. After the Super Bowl, the team that has scored the most points wins.

Entry Fee

$10 (winner gets 70% and 2nd gets 30% - we will round up &/or down to avoid giving change)

Entry Deadline

Your roster must be submitted by the start of the first playoff game.


Payment must be sent ASAP. Failure to submit payment by the end of the playoffs will result in your removal from this, and all future pools.


Payment Options

Payments can be mailed to (or dropped off at if needed) the following address (please include a list of the entries that you are paying for):

Eric Brandel
8831 Grenadier Ave S
Cottage Grove, MN 55016


Each manager must pick only one player from each team, and the roster must conform to the following breakdown by position:

3 - quarterbacks
4 - running backs
4 - wide receivers
1 - tight end
1 - kicking team
1 - defensive team

Points System

Offensive Points:

6 - rushing or receiving td
4 - passing td
2 - every 100 yards passing
2 - rushing or receiving 2pt conversion
1 - every 25 yards rushing or receiving
1 - passing 2pt conversion

Defensive Points:

6 - blocked fg returned for a td
6 - blocked punt returned for a td
6 - fumble recovery returned for a td
6 - interception returned for a td
2 - extra point/2pt conversion blocked/intercepted returned for 2pt (this will show up in the safety column)
2 - safety
1 - fumble recovery
1 - interception
1 - sack
10 - shutout (all points scored by the opponent count against the defense)
4 - holding team to 2 - 10 points (all points scored by the opponent count against the defense)

Kicking Team Points:

6 - kickoff returned for a td
6 - punt returned for a td
3 - field goal
1 - extra point

IMPORTANT NOTE: All stats are taken from nfl.com and are entered manually by me at the conclusion of each game (or slightly later if I'm at the bar). I have been known to make mistakes, so each manager should feel free to double check my stats and contact me about any possible mistakes. Deadline for stat adjustments is 48 hours after the conclusion of each game. After that, what the FFPC website says is gospel.


1st - total QB yards
2nd - total RB yards
3rd - total WR yards
4th - total TE yards
5th - total points in the Super Bowl

If there is tie for 1st that cannot be broken using the tie-breakers, all managers tied will split the 1st and 2nd place money.

Final Explanation

There are 14 playoff teams and 14 roster spots - you get 1 player from each NFL team. So you cannot have Kirk Cousins and Justin Jefferson or Cooper Rush and Michael Gallup. A player can be chosen by more than one manager. Your line-up can not be changed after the games start - each player on your roster can score points for you until his team is eliminated from the playoffs.

If you have any questions, email Crazy at . Just get a line-up together and sign up here before the first playoff game.

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